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Sundance showtimes for "Breathe In" released + detailed summary


As summer turns to fall, music teacher Keith Reynolds privately reminisces about his days as a starving artist in the city. While his wife, Megan, and daughter, Lauren, look forward to Lauren’s final year of high school, Keith clings to those evenings he’s asked to sub as a cellist with a prestigious Manhattan symphony. When Megan decides the family should host foreign exchange student Sophie, the British high school senior soon rekindles an impetuous aspect of Keith’s personality. 

Drake Doremus, winner of the 2011 Sundance Grand Jury Prize for Like Crazy, reunites with actress Felicity Jones and cowriter Ben York Jones for this passionate ensemble drama of family dysfunction. Ditching the hand-held aesthetic of his past works, Doremus conceives a grander story of love and heartache, only heightened by his lead character’s symphonic avocation, while maintaining his keen eye for intimate performance. - C. R.

Cast and Credits

Director: Drake Doremus

Screenwriters: Drake Doremus, Ben York Jones

Producers: Jonathan Schwartz, Andrea Sperling, Steven Rales, Mark Roybal

Coproducers: Kathryn Dean, Michael Pruss

Cinematographer: John Guleserian

Editor: Jonathan Alberts

Production Designer: Katie Byron

Composer: Dustin O'Halloran

Principal Cast: Guy Pearce, Felicity Jones, Amy Ryan, Mackenzie Davis

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