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17 November 2013 @ 06:22 pm
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Telluride Film Festival Review: Ralph Fiennes Directs Himself As Charles Dickens In 'The Invisible Woman,' But It's Felicity Jones Who Shines

Ralph Fiennes' quasi-modern adaptation of "Coriolanus," which marked the actor's directorial debut, was a sharply experimental take on the source material. For his second effort behind the camera, "The Invisible Woman," the director has taken a more classical approach. Adapting Claire Tomalin's book about Ellen Ternan, the actress most famous for her affair with Charles Dickens while nearly 30 years his junior, Fiennes takes on the Dickens role and coaxes a fantastic performance out of Felicity Jones as Ternan. Though suffering from dry patches and a fairly mannered approach, "The Invisible Woman" eventually makes its way to a powerful final third documenting an ultimately tragic romance in deeply felt terms. It's no Shakespeare, but Fiennes makes the story resonate all the same.

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Felicity Jones To Appear On Season 3 Of 'Girls'

Earlier last month, Felicity was spotted on set of HBO's Girls and was mentioned by director Jesse Peretz on twitter. Felicity's mentioned before about being a big fan of the show, so glad she could become a part of it!

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Last but not least, I recently watched Chris Evans' Q&A and he mentioned Felicity as one of the actors/actresses he loves to watch. How nice! Here's the video (he talks about Felicity around the 9:00 mark, he also mentions being inspired by Like Crazy some time later...)


also, silent happy dance that all those 50 Shades rumours can die now!~ YAY. thank god.
11 March 2013 @ 12:19 pm
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{023} Bella Heathcote for celebs20in20


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27 February 2013 @ 12:01 pm
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screencaps HERE @ sns_red_curtain
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Paul Giamatti is in talks to join The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as the villain known as The Rhino, and Felicity Jones is negotiating for an unspecified role.

The duo would bolster an already impressive cast. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are back as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, Jamie Foxx is portraying bad guy Electro, Shailene Woodley is Mary Jane Watson, and Dane DeHaan is Harry Osborne. The character Jones would play has not been revealed.

British actress Jones might be best known for starring in the 2011 Sundance darling Like Crazy and also appeared in Hysteria, the period romantic comedy about the invention of the vibrator. She is repped by WME and Jodi Peikoff Law.

Felicity Jones lands female lead opposite Jonah Hill and James Franco in New Regency’s "True Story"

Fast-rising British actress Felicity Jones will play the female lead opposite Jonah Hill and James Franco in True Story, the Rupert Goold-directed adaptation of the memoir by Michael Finkel. Finkel’s the disgraced New York Times journalist who resurrected some of his career after discovering that an accused murderer had stolen his identity, and that he would only talk to his namesake.

Hill is playing Finkel and Franco is playing Christian Longo, who was captured in Mexico after rising near the top of the FBI Ten Most Wanted List for allegedly killing his family. Dave Kajganich wrote the script. Hill’s coming off the small but pivotal role of Bag Head #2 in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, and Franco next opens in Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers.

Jones will play the journalist’s long-suffering girlfriend, who tries to stand by her guy even after his screwups cost them everything. Jones next stars in Amazing Spider-Man 2, and her latest with Like Crazy helmer Drake Doremus, Breathe In, premiered in Sundance. She’s still scheduled to play the female lead in the Howard Hughes pic that Warren Beatty wrote, stars in and will direct. Jones is repped by WME and Independent Talent Group.

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Pre-Super Bowl, otherwise known as Beyoncé Bowl, fashion and film insiders threw an afternoon fête for a different kind of viewing. Donna Karan premiered pal Anjelica Huston's new short film Haven't We Met Before, which celebrates Donna Karan Hosiery. The sultry short, starring Jack Davenport and Felicity Jones, centers around a love affair and features plenty of leg to show off those DK stockings. Andre Leon Talley hosted the Q&A, while other attendees included Lucy Sykes Rellie, Amanda Ross, Alvin Valley, Gina Gershon, Lola Schnabel, James Purefoy, and Bernadette Peters. The film also has a few cameos from the likes of Nell Rebowe, Valerie Boster, Martin Lowe and was filmed at the chic Upper East Side hotel, The Surrey. Loving!

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screencaps here @ sns_red_curtain
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As summer turns to fall, music teacher Keith Reynolds privately reminisces about his days as a starving artist in the city. While his wife, Megan, and daughter, Lauren, look forward to Lauren’s final year of high school, Keith clings to those evenings he’s asked to sub as a cellist with a prestigious Manhattan symphony. When Megan decides the family should host foreign exchange student Sophie, the British high school senior soon rekindles an impetuous aspect of Keith’s personality. 

Drake Doremus, winner of the 2011 Sundance Grand Jury Prize for Like Crazy, reunites with actress Felicity Jones and cowriter Ben York Jones for this passionate ensemble drama of family dysfunction. Ditching the hand-held aesthetic of his past works, Doremus conceives a grander story of love and heartache, only heightened by his lead character’s symphonic avocation, while maintaining his keen eye for intimate performance. - C. R.

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13 December 2012 @ 01:58 am
EXCLUSIVE: Felicity Jones has reunited with her agent, Warren Zavala, at WME. The young British actress, best known for Like Crazy, becomes the latest thesp to move from CAA with Zavala, who moved to WME last June. The actress just starred in director Drake Doremus’s latest film, Breathe In, which will debut at Sundance. She recently wrapped the lead in the Ralph Fiennes-directed The Invisible Woman. She continues to be represented by Claire Maroussas at Independent in London.

Zavala brought a strong list of thesps with him, as Jones rejoins a stable that includes Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tobey Maguire, Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplan, David Giuntoli, Jackie Earle Haley, Johnny Galecki, Paul Dano, Shiloh Fernandez, Anna Faris, Kelli Garner, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Miranda Cosgrove, and Amber Heard.